Knowing yourself is loving yourself

AphrodisiƩ is an open and safe community which allows seekers to expand consciousness using sexuality as a vehicle.

It is an invitation to achieve deep states of authenticity and fullness. To increase self-awareness through the mastery of our energetical, emotional and physical bodies through a holistic view of sexuality. A meeting point for evolved beings of all shorts ready to meet their desires, aliveness and truth.

AphrodisiƩ is a network of sex-positive facilitators, venue owners and practicioners. NeoTantra, Conscious Kink, Shibari, BDSM and all forms of conscious sexuality and sensuality are invited and represented.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we firstly will launch the online courses and programs. And slowly, we will grow into our full vision which is to be the biggest network of conscious sexuality in the world featuring venues, retreats, big gatherings and festivals.

We are launching soon!. Leave your email address to request an invite and to stay informed of our upcoming activities.